About me

Not my kitchen, but it looks nice. I’ll add mine when we’ve finished it.

I like cooking, but I’m not a chef.

I can follow a recipe, and mostly I know what flavours will go together, and sometimes you’ll see change a recipe about a bit, usually when I’m missing an ingredient, but you aren’t going to see on Masterchef or anything like that.

Some of my recipes go well, and when that happens I try to remember what went in them and write it down, I wish I was better at that.

The other thing that happened is I enrolled for a cookery course on a subject I wanted to learn about. I did the course, but I wasn’t far in before I realised I know more already than the presenter – her main advantage over me was (confidence and) photo/video skills

So, with those two things in mind, a food blog sounded a fun idea.

So, what I plan on doing is giving you tips and recipes that are easy, but boost your credentials as a cook.

So, here we have recipes for whole meals, or for just parts of meals where that part can raise the meal – could be simple stuff like making good mashed potato – it is virtually impossible with the wrong potatoes, or making puff pastry in a warm kitchen will always get poor results. The sort of things that we aren’t told, but make a difference.

The other thing is using herbs and spices – these are high impact ingredients and can transform food from the 1970’s to 2020’s.

Some of the things I know are from Taste Tests – I’ll tell you about them as I go along. As I type I am just buying up different Tomato Ketchups to see how they compete against Heinz.

And, my photography skills… well, lets say they are ‘honest’ rather than ‘staged’ – if it looks fancy, its because a stock photo looks reasonably like what you’ll end up with. My photography equipment is my phone and whatever the settings are on there. 1 skill at a time… and the website building thing is challenging me.

You can will be able to follow me on social networks in due course… that’s made me feel my age

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